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Watchlist icon does not spin on internet explorer
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When your logged into metrolook and click the watchlist button it dosent spin instead it just moves down a tiny bit then back.

Steps to reproduce

  • Go to a mediawiki site that has metrolook installed and login and the skin is either the default or choose metrolook in preference.
  • Then click watchlist button which should be the watchlist icon.

Actual results

  • it just grows a tiny bit then changes to blue to show your watching the page.

Expected results

  • it should spin and change colour to blue.

Its code is based on vector so I am not sure why it dosent spin.

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@ashley can I add you to this task please.

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@Paladox I updated all skins (and extensions) on my Labs wiki and it's working for me there -- maybe try purging your caches? It should be noted that this appears to be a browser-specific visual gimmick/"feature" -- it doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer 11 but works in the latest version of Firefox.

Oh yes. It works in chrome but not internet explorer 11.

Woulden that mean it dosent work in vector.

Adding vector do to the problem also being in vector.

It works in Microsoft Edge.

Watchlist worked a while back in internet explorer.

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(Spinning is not required functionality and the feature is not broken)

It works in firefox and chrome and edge but internet explorer is broken.

The animated GIF was replaced by a static PNG fallback when T37335: Vector: Add SVG version of the watch star icon was fixed.

Yes but it worked in Internet explorer then it stopes working I think.

I think this may be a bug in IE

Maybe we could add the gif back and do a hack to just show those gif images on Internet Explorer.

As @Paladox suggests bug is upstream. Given this is not essential functionality we shouldn't add a gif as that will impact all users by loading 2 images for little gain.