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Add sniff to avoid if/else/while/foreach without curly braces
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There is no sniff which enforce use of { and } for if/foreach and so on as written in mediawiki code style

See for a possible implementation.

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Change 241483 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Add Generic.ControlStructures.InlineControlStructure to ruleset

The test run against MediaWiki core found;19d5f55c010356ba1b29696bc566f1fc902fef4a$298 which is a bit weird since it doesn't have a body, but I think we don't want that right?

It is valid syntax, where phpcs should not add an error (In my opinion, see also the implementation of the linked change set in the bug description)

Change 241483 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add Generic.ControlStructures.InlineControlStructure to ruleset

This seems to be pushed to master - isn't this task complete ?

The sniff is in the repo, but it seems it is not used in mediawiki/core

Needs this a update of the codesniffer version in the dependency?

See for a new issue

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