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Figure out why PHPCS is unable to parse FormatMetadata.php
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In rMWdf706d2457e6: Add // @codingStandardsIgnoreFile to FormatMetadata I disabled parsing of the file entirely because it caused phcps to throw errors. This is not ideal and we should figure out if we can work around this in PHPCS or whether the file needs refactoring...or something.

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Legoktm, Could you elaborate on how to reproduce this ?

I took the latest includes/media/FormatMetadata.php from core and I don't get any issues with parsing right now.

I'm using the following args phpcs --standard=./MediaWiki ../core/includes/media/FormatMetadata.php

I'm setting the task status to resolved as the problem seems to have fixed itself \^_^/

(Please revert it back if this is the wrong conclusion)

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