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Showing Lamees how the extension page works
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Showing Lamees how to use the program extension page

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Hi Reem. Thanks for being able to do all this active mentoring work with Lamees. I'm glad to see that you're making progress!

I wonder if this Phabricator task (Setting up a WEP extension page for Lamees) was a product of this task we're on now (Showing Lamees how the extension page works) and that setting the page up was the practical part of the same mentoring session? If yes, I'd recommend merging both tasks together.

Please feel free to keep both and create as many tasks as you want for each Collab job you do, if you feel that it took a considerable amount of your time and that it has achieved a different goal that other tasks did not achieve. We want your successful work to be well-estimated and well-recognized. I hope that helps!

@Reem_Al-Kashif: Heja! Four years later, should this task still be open? If not, please feel free to update the status of this task via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown. Thanks!

@Reem_Al-Kashif: Heja. No reply, hence assuming this task is resolved. Please reopen if I'm wrong! :)