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Create categories on outreach portal to help distinguish between K-12 collaborations vs. higher education ones
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Right now our outreach page shows countries that have an Wiki-EDU initiative (I counted 78 countries as of today).
An automatic counter would be great and will allow us to monitor that number as it changes (hopefully grows!) over time.
But a much needed distinction for research purposes is knowing how many countries have k-12 collaborations and how many have higher education ones. This could be done by creating to such categories and adding them to each country's page, which could later be previewed graphically.

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Note to myself: "Our outreach page" seems to be and K-12 seems to be–12 .
(Trying to understand what this task is about, as an outsider to such acronyms.)

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Yes! Sorry about that! Added the link. And K-12 -- the K stands for Kindergarten and that's usually how educators differentiate between various age groups. You can tell I'm working on an academic paper related to Education.. :)

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Thanks so much, @Esh77, for creating this task. And thanks, @Aklapper, for triaging it, jargon notwithstanding! :)

As noted on the mailing list, this work is on my team's radar, it's on my task list for this quarter, and it is my highest priority project. I welcome community input on and participation in this process. After all, many hands make light work. :) Here's the related task for those interested to follow it or claim it:

Categories are a great idea! It's a truly Wikipedian approach to solving the problem, and I really appreciate you suggesting it. It makes the wiki do the work for us! It's so clever and obvious that I wish I had thought of it myself much sooner! :)

At least one such category exists already: Though, I think it would be better to rename it from 'high school' which is more American to 'secondary school' which is more international. So I just {{sofixedit}}.

There are several new and updated subcategories now for Category:Wikipedia Education Program on outreach now:

@Jami-WikiEd has already been *very* busy categorizing pages for another Collab task here: I'm pinging her since this task seems related.

A counter is also another interesting approach. I saw one example here: I'm sure that there must be others. Maybe there's even a category! :) The idea reminds me of leaderboards which I've seen on various wikis. Here's an old one from WEP:

I'm really looking forward to working together on this task. Thanks again for these ideas. They're great and so are you. :)

Brilliant! Thanks so much for the fast work and joining the thanks to Jami for her hard work on this.

One clarification question though -- I remember a while back when we were just starting refocusing our work, we talked about what kind of activities fall under "education collaborations", compared with good old editing workshops, which many of us give in various institutions, may it be governmental departments, GLAMs, academic libraries (both GLAM & EDU), senior citizens and of course interested people from the general public. If I remember right, the distinction that was made related to the work having to be done / connected to some kind of classroom / course.

I was wondering it that's still the case, since some of the categories do represent work I thought was outside of our scope, and if I simply got it wrong and it is within our scope, then there's so much more things I do that could be included! :) So just wannt be sure.

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@Selsharbaty-WMF, shouldn't this task be claimed (if not done)..?

This task is not complete and it can still be claimed.

I've asked @Base and @Jami-WikiEd for an update in a related task: {T111388#1723045}.