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Selflinks via Special/MyLanguage should still be selflinks
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If a translation page has a link to its translatable page made via Special:MyLanguage/ and the interface language matches its contentlanguage (in other words this is the same page you will happen to be after following the link) the link should be rendered not as a link but as a class="selflink" piece of text.

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This is not possible to do without breaking the parser cache for the page by language.

I do not have data to know how frequently that is already happening and what is the impact.

This is particularly a problem with page navigation templates.

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Reposting my comment from T301530:

The current interface language, the preferences interface language, and the page language cannot be assumed to be connected. The purpose of redirecting special pages is that the target isn't known at parse time. Additionally, if implemented, this would fragment the cache even more than Translate already does. I suggest closing this task as declined.

I disagree, you can just assume links via MyLanguage from a page that it *could* redirect to depending on interface language to be self links, that would be imperfect, but better than what it is now.