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Allow query of nearby articles based on zoom level.
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In the Android app, we've recently implemented a "nearby" feature that plots nearby articles on an actual map, with tiles retrieved from

So far, this feature is only useful at relatively narrow zoom levels (i.e. level 15+). If we zoom out any farther than that, then the number of nearby articles (especially for an area dense with relevant content) becomes too much for the user to wade through:

It would be useful if the API allowed us to specify a "zoom level" parameter to filter search results based on zoom scale. For instance, if I zoom out to fit the entire state of Ohio into my viewport, I would expect to see Wikipedia articles corresponding to major cities or counties in the state, and not any particular districts or establishments within any city. As I zoom in to a particular city, I would expect to start seeing city-specific articles, such as landmarks, museums, etc.

Of course, this would also necessitate expanding the "radius" of the nearby search to much greater than the current 10km :)

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note: WikiWand does this:

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In my memory of the Wikipedia layer in Google Maps, as you zoom out, areas of higher article density would be gathered together into a larger Wikipedia icon. It was a nice experience. But sadly discontinued, so I can't screenshot here...

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