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User test the slider prototype for RevisionJumper [AOI]
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Once the slider prototype for RevisionJumper is ready we should do some user testing on it. This would involve two things:

  1. Advertising it at and getting some feedback from existing RevisionJumper users.
  2. Getting the Design Research team to help us with a small user test run involving both experienced Wikipedians and newbies (perhaps recruited from WMF staff).

Acceptance criteria: Write up a summary of comments and feedback from test users (including existing RevisionJumper users, experienced Wikipedia editors, and Wikipedia newbies) about the usefulness and usability of the prototype along with any suggestions for improvement.

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There's a ticket for a quick prototype of a RevisionSlider, which might be an add-on for the RevisionJumper work.

See T114335: [AOI] Prototype for RevisionSlider

I'm going to repurpose this card for user testing the slider prototype...

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Hi @aripstra, we were looking to run some UX testing on the RevisionSlider gadget that we developed. It's a slider that shows a bunch of past revisions that one can hover on for more information or click to view the revision. We'd like some experienced community members and perhaps also some WMF staff to participate in the testing. Can you help us with this? :)

I talked to Moiz today about RevSlider, and he's interested in giving us a little pro bono designer time. :)

He suggested "sparklines" as a possible addition to the slider -- using the positive and negative byte count to represent revisions where there's been a big change. The screenshot here is an example from Internet Archive.

I'm going to set up some time with Moiz to really look at this stuff, probably next week.

archive-org sparklines.jpg (324×1 px, 219 KB)

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@DannyH @Niharika closing this now, since I assume the user testing of the original prototype has happened and we are now already a few steps ahead.

What was the result of that user test?

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Hi @Tobi_WMDE_SW, @Jan_Dittrich, we never got around to doing this as our team moved on to Community Wishlist tasks. Closing as Declined instead.

@Jan_Dittrich The Wikimedia Deutschland technical wishes team has taken this idea, and made a new extension -- see T131676: Improve the UX of the diff page with a revision slider prototype

@Jan_Dittrich Oh, but you knew that, because you're the new designer. Hi. :)