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[keyresult] Code review RFC (Differential) - Write, publish, publicize, and respond to/incorporate feedback.
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Quarterly goal tracking task.

Subtasks (where work/discussion will happen) will be created and/or marked as blockers of this one (but limited in topic to the RFC).

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Rather a note to myself, but also for general awareness:
Any potential change on the technical side (our review infrastructure) needs to be taken into account in T101686: Goal: Define potential actions to reduce code review queues and waiting times.

RfC filed: T114311. Needs refinement & discussion now.

I'm still failing to see the benefit of that task in our current situation. I'll take a stab at cleaning it up later this week.

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This step (Q2 quarterly goal) is done, the work on the actual RFC is at T119908.

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