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page diff still shows hidden wikitext after deletion by Special:Revisiondelete
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Author: tietew-mediazilla

After a revision wikitext is hidden by Special:Revisiondelete,
diff still shows its text, fetched from diff cache.

Reappearance sequence:

  1. Shows a diff title=Foo&diff=2&oldid=1 ... diff is cached as "wikiname:diff:oldid:1:newid:1"
  2. Hide text of revision 1 using Special:Revisiondelete.
  3. Shows a diff title=Foo&diff=2&oldid=1 again. ... DifferenceEngine#getDiffBody fetches the cache and shows it. ... diff contains hidden text.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: minor



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The cache was fixed in the branch merge, but now that it was reverted since
there was not time to review it, thats an issue again.