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[RfC] Future of the Article Placeholder Extension
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Since the Article Placeholder extension is now mainly developed as part of my Bachelor's thesis, the question upcoming will be: How to go from here? What to do next with it?
To this point we'll probably have some community feedback as well as found architectural issues.
The goal of the session is mainly to discuss flaws of the extension, how to improve those and ideas to extend it. From there it's possible to set up a plan on what to work on.
Issues to discuss may include:

  • integration in the enviroment
  • integration in the infrastructure
  • potential issues with extensions depending on other extensions

The extension as well as the RfC are very much work in progress. I'll update the ticket as soon as there is more of the extension developed.

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Congratulations! This is one of the 52 proposals that made it through the first deadline of the Wikimedia-Developer-Summit-2016 selection process. Please pay attention to the next one: > By 6 Nov 2015, all Summit proposals must have active discussions and a Summit plan documented in the description. Proposals not reaching this critical mass can continue at their own path out of the Summit.

Hi @Lucie, this proposal is focusing on a Summit session but there is no indication topics that could be discussed here before, and therefore it is missing active discussion now. Note that pre-scheduled Summit sessions are expected to be preceded by online discussions and a plan to reach to conclusions and next steps. It would be good to sort out these problems before the next deadline on November 6.

@Qgil The Article Placeholder is, from the technical side, very similar to an automatic infobox. So this may fit in with T114251: [RFC] Magic Infobox implementation

What should we do, then? Mark this task blocked by T114251: [RFC] Magic Infobox implementation and focus on that RfC for the Summit? Or do you still want to keep this task as a Summit proposal?

That might make sense since I'm not sure whether it can be discussed much in detail yet.