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"Mediawiki:Excontentauthor" order problem
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The "Mediawiki:Excontentauthor" has a form of

content was: "$1", and the only contributor was "$2" (talk)

But if the $1 length is big enough (for example, 10K page deleting), it is truncated (as should be), and also $2 is truncated (as should not be, creating something like

[[special contribu...]]

We changed in hewiki the order of the message to

the only contributor was "$2" (talk) and content was: "$1"

and it works fine now. But @Amire80 asked me to inform you about this problem. I can't see how it can be fixed, because we can't create a parser for each mediawiki message, but he is the boss, so he knows all :-).

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We can swap the order for all languages rather than just one message locally. And this may also be useful for some other messages.

This is a very good solution. Do we need the phabricator help to change the text of mediawiki message original, @Amire80?

Phabricator is a task management system, and this task is literally one of more than 100,000 tasks, so yes.

I am a newbie. Can u elaborate this bug. such that i will try to fix it.

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I don't think we need this, the username is no longer truncated