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Edit quality campaign for Dutch Wikipedia
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We're still lacking translations and a list of trusted user groups for nlwiki. Can someone help out? Maybe @Krinkle?

We're still lacking translations and a list of trusted user groups for nlwiki. Can someone help out? Maybe @Krinkle?

I provided a list of trusted user groups to ToAruShiroiNeko about two months ago. Please refer to his comment of Oct 23 2015, 4:51 PM on What translations do you still need, I might be able to help?

@Woodcutterty, that's for pointing out that other card. This one appears to be a duplicate. From what I can tell on that other card, the whole campaign is up and running at the moment, so I'll close this and consider the other done.

@Halfak, it's not up and running though. I'm still receiving the following error when I open a workset:


"code": "revision not found",
"message": "Could not get metadata for rev_id=145641159"


@Woodcutterty, It looks like that revision was part of a deleted page and you don't have rights to view it. See

We won't be able to extract features for deleted revisions anyway, so I recommend just marking the revision "unsure" and moving on.

@Halfak, I just completed a workset of which all fifty revisions were part of a deleted page, and requested a new workset only to see that it too consists solely of deleted revisions. Are you sure this isn't a bug?

Definitely sounds like a bug. I'm taking a look now.

@Woodcutterty, it looks like I accidentally loaded revids for another wiki. I have the loading script repaired now. Can you give it another try?

I started a new ticket T122511 to track this issue.

Translations appear to have only been partially implemented. This is what I'm seeing:

Note that translations like 'werkset opvragen', 'openen', 'werkset', 'opslaan' and 'verschil voor bewerking $1' have been implemented, but 'Damaging?', 'Good faith?' and 'Unsure?' are still untranslated. The same goes for the mouse-over text that goes with the information icons. All are listed on and as having been implemented though.

Hey @Woodcutterty. It looks like we forgot to actually include the form translations. I just deployed them now. Does it look better?

It does, thanks! I've posted a message about the campaign in the local village pump yesterday, and several people are already participating (over 800 labels have been created at this moment). So far, one participant reported getting the 'revision not found' error for one revision shown, but otherwise it seems to be working fine.

Great! Thanks for working with us to make sure that the campaign was running correctly. :) If you let me know once it's done, I'll train a new set of edit quality models. :)

Reporting a possible bug: every now and then, a piece of the workset appears to contain no separate revision. Instead it shows the previously selected revision. Example:

This is the 36th revision shown in a workset:
When I select the 37th revision, I see the same one:
This is the 38th revision in that same workset:
Now when I select the 37th again, I see that revision:

I mark these seemingly empty revisions as 'Unsure?'.