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Enable subpages in the Template namespace
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Author: spundun

<spundun> hi all.... another question... [[:en:Template:Tl]] and [[:gu:Template:Tl]] are identical and so are [[:en:Template:Tl/doc]]
and [[:gu:Template:Tl/doc]] .... but while on en, Template:Tl includes Template:Tl/doc... on gu Template:Tl tries to include
Template:/doc .... doesn't make sense! :(
<manuel> actually it does
<manuel> that's because subpages are activated for the Template: namespace in en:
<manuel> and it's not in gu:
<manuel> you can replace {{/doc}} by {{Tl/doc}}
<manuel> but you probably want to file a bugreport on to activate subpages on the Template:
namespace on gu:
<spundun> ok.... I'll file the bug report
<spundun> thanks...
<spundun> manuel:

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spundun wrote:

Couple of things.

  • I am an Admin on gu wikipedia (the only active one) as well as hindi wikipedia. We need to do the same thing on both the


Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:/doc shows there are 5 different templates linking to Template:/doc . So I guess they are
assuming that /doc is going to be a subpage. Hope this helps.


yonatanh wrote:

Please do this on commons as well. It apparently isn't enabled there too judging

Just for the record, it's been added to the global configuration for all wikis back then.

Any wikis that have disabled it specifically or overwrote the configuration for wgNamespacesWithSubpages still stand.