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Run FlowCreateTemplates.php on pt.wikibooks
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This has to be done separately because Flow was not yet enabled on pt.wikibooks when it ran on the rest.

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The templates from FlowCreateTemplates.php are present on far as I could see). Some of them are not inContentLanguage?


Predefinição:LQT moveu a discussão convertida para o Flow
Predefinição:LQT post imported with different signature user

Predefinição:Publicação importada do LQT com usuário suprimido

Predefinição:Página de discussão em wikitexto convertida para o Flow

Note: the actual usage of templates:

SELECT  distinct(ref_target_title) FROM flow_wiki_ref 
 INNER JOIN flow_workflow ON workflow_id = ref_src_workflow_id 
   WHERE ref_type = 'template' AND ref_src_wiki='ptwikibooks' ;
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