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Get all Collab members onto Phabricator and subscribed to the Education-Collab project
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This page lists the Collab members (and others) who have subscribed to the Education-Collab Phabricator project:

This page lists all current Collab members:

  1. Please reach out to any Collab members who have not yet activated their Phabricator account.
  2. Please guide them through the login process, using their MediaWiki credentials via OAuth.
  3. Please get them subscribed to the Collab Project.
  4. If wanted/needed, please show them how to follow tasks, comment on tasks, claim tasks, complete tasks, and create new tasks.

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I'd not encourage getting everyone subscribed to the Collab project on phabricator because subscribers get email messages for every change on every task gets changed which wouldn't be acceptable for everyone. I would suggest that we make sure everyone knows about the Phabricator project, gets signed up for Phabricator, and trained on using it, then they will have the choice whether to subscribe to the whole project or some tasks they're interested in only.

@Selsharbaty-WMF: Phabricator allows you to change the settings for notifications, so even if Collab members subscribe to the Collab project on Phabricator, they don't necessarily need to get updates for everything, they can turn that off in the settings. The most important thing, more important than having every Collab member subscribe to the Collab project, is that Collab members become active on Phabricator, claim and work on tasks. So let's focus our efforts here on getting Collab members onto Phabricator, understanding how it works, and working on tasks. :)

The only member we still don't have on Phabricator is Prakash. I will send him a message to invite him to join us on Phabricator and will mark this task completed.