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The site_detect tests started failing to detect on October 5, 2015, and the 'wikia' builds also started skipping tests using the wikia site, reporting HTTP 403: You are not allowed to access this resource

This has continued for two days now.

This has exposed an unrelated bug in cosmetic_changes (to be fixed in, where it was using the Wikia site instead of the intended site de.wikipedia, causing tests.cosmetic_changes_tests.TestCosmeticChanges.test_fixTypo to be a failure in the wikia builds.

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It only started occurring today, and I could reproduce, so may be magically fixed in the next build.

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No, failed on guildwars, but again I cant replicate it (using requests 2.7.0, which is the same as travis).

On travis, guildwars errors with : RuntimeError: Unsupported url:

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Okay because I thought this site might actually block Travis somehow I just ran that test with just that URL and included a bit of debug output. This is the result:

Test detection of MediaWiki sites. ... WARNING: Http response status 403
 You are not allowed to access this resource

The second line is the HTTP status code and the third line the actual content returned by the site.

Change 243822 had a related patch set uploaded (by XZise):
[FIX] Remove guildwars test

Change 243822 merged by jenkins-bot:
[FIX] Remove guildwars test

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Network-wise, where are you running this from?

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Network-wise, where are you running this from?

Hi, thanks for the quick response. We are seeing 403's when our compatibility tests are run on, but not when run elsewhere.

Sorry for the mass-subscribes.
Feel free to un-subscribe; I was just adding any names I recognise as someone close to Wikia who might be able to help.
We normally also create a ticket upstream, and cross-link them. Where should we create a ticket for issues related to Wikia?

@jayvdb thanks. We have changed some network settings; I'll let our ops team know.

I think this should work now. I see that it failed on the last build 32 min ago, but I think the network problems are now resolved based on a change we just made.

The 403s are gone, but for some reason my last job failed to login as JVbot-test.

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