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Setup web app scaffolding
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Background @:
The purpose of this activity it to aid discussions in T114072

Acceptance Critera:

  • Web app has a non-functional chrome (hamburger, echo and search bar), styled like the Minerva skin in MobileFrontend. Neither of these buttons need to be wired up so don't waste too much time at this stage doing that.
  • Serves content from the Barack Obama article via Parsoid/RESTBase. The API response should return sections, there should be no need on the client to transform the response.
  • Touch in with @pizzzacat and @JGirault at some point during the sprint as both have a vested interest in prototyping.

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@Jhernandez you said in standup this is done. Can you update us on where you are / what you've learnt?

Also have you spoken/shared your work with @pizzzacat and @JGirault ?

Key learned points are:

For @pizzzacat and @JGirault the repo is here Feel free to poke around, and we can organize a session for showing the dev experience if you are interested on it.