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Sanitize pageview_hourly - subtasked {mole}
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Anonymize data in pageview_hourly in accordance with data retention guidelines .

This includes completely filtering data that allows for identity reconstruction. Note that this might not include all user agents but rather sparse ones, same for locations.

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Hi @Nuria. Please associate at least one project with this task, otherwise nobody can find this task when searching in the corresponding project(s). Thanks! :)

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Question: Does this involve removing values of country data and/or access_method as well, or just the more fine-grained user_agent_map and city? (It's not clear to from the linked Phabricator task and page.) Some people were interested earlier in analyses that would need country data from June.

Nuria added a comment.Oct 21 2015, 7:40 PM

For now we are concerned just with user agent map.

Task breakdown:

  1. Write an oozie coordinator to backfill sanitization from exisiting pageview_hourly to pageview_hourly_new (path TBD)
  2. Backfill by hand: create pageview_hourly_new, launch and monitor oozie job from 1.
  3. Modify existing pageview_hourly oozie to include the HQL from 1 in the workflow --> Insert data from webrequest into pageview_hourly_tmp, then sanitize it into pageview_hourly.
  4. When backfill is done, deploy
    • Stop pageview_hourly job, and wait for jobs using it to be waiting on new data.
    • Drop pageview_hourly and pageview_hourly_new tables in hiven
    • Rename data folders: pageview_hourly becomes pageview_hourly_tmp, and pageview_hourly_new becomes pageview_hourly.
    • Recreate pageview_hourly and pageview_hourly_tmp tables using new path from previous step.
    • Recreate partitions for existing data for pageview_hourly and pageview_hourly_tmp
    • Deploy the oozie change from 3 and run it starting at backfilling stop time.

Hopefully that should do it :)

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As we have learned sanitization will not work, these needs an entirely different approach.