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Fix face-centering to only apply vertical offset (instead of zooming)
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open "Spiderman in film" on EN Wiki
  2. Wait until lead image downloads

Expected results

Both actors' faces are centered, as in original image:

Actual results

Only one face is centered (horizontally and vertically) and zoomed to the point of blurriness:

Dev Notes

This is due to oversight in refactoring lead image work to use -{UIImage contentsRect] which also change horizontal offset & width. Should be a quick fix to change the API to "vertically center" an image and preserve original width w/o applying horizontal offset.

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@JMinor some background: @Mhurd told me about this and I was able to fix it locally real quick, but was in the middle of something else so didn't integrate it. I just filed a ticket to capture the bug, but I can submit a patch to fix this quickly.

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Checked in alpha 5.0.0 (406) with iPad mini iOS 8.2

vs 4.1.7(171)

Note: 'Nellie Kim' and 'Viceregal consort of Canada' lead images still have centering issues.

JMinor closed this task as Resolved.Nov 18 2015, 9:09 PM

I think the new face centering is an improvement, but there are definitely cases it doesn't handle well. I think we'd need to invest time in a systematic sampling/eval/error reduction process to make it any better, and we still just might be bumping up against platform limits.

Could be a great community contributor or research-y project, but good enuf for now.