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Edit button missing on svwiki mobile interface
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Since a few days ago it seems like the edit button - "the pencil" is missing on Swedish Wikipedia Mobile Web. I just checked it on the Chrome browser for Android, see attached screenshot.

Screenshot_2015-10-06-09-47-26.png (2×1 px, 264 KB)

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However, on Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop it is available, see attached screenshot.

Skärmklipp.PNG (562×949 px, 34 KB)

For me it took around 5 seconds of loading before the pen became visable (loaded last? JS?) on Chrome (PC) in mobile view.

Some edits to Mediawiki:Mobile.js and Mediawiki:Mobile.css were done and now it seem to be working again.

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Should be fixed now. We SWAT deployed a fix 2 hrs ago! Sorry! Read if you are interested in the issue.