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Explore lazy-loading WebP thumbnails to supporting browsers (eg Android Chrome)
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May be some benefits from combining a couple of performance ideas:

  1. T27611 -- support creating WebP thumbnails to supplement jpeg & png
  2. T110615 -- dynamically loading thumbnails via JS to reduce network competition during text load

A big holdup on WebP has been getting them served in a backwards-compatible way without preloading the jpeg/png. If the image load is getting triggered from JS anyway, it should be trivial to toss in a ".webp" at the end of all the URLs.

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Websites such as BBC news / Facebook send a low res image and enhance it via JS. Also worth exploring.

grep for in

<div class="js-delayed-image-load" data-src="" data-width="976" data-height="549" data-alt="Eleanor Roosevelt"></div>
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No plans to explore this. Data was the big driver of doing this.