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Use TitleInputWidget in the Score inspector for choosing overriding files
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Use the widget if choosing files for the override_midi or override_vorbis options.

Should be pretty straightforward. Example code can be found in MWInternalLinkAnnotationWidget. You'll want to set the namespace config option to mw.config.get( 'wgNamespaceIds' ).file too.

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This is probably only useful if it restricts the results to the correct file types. This functionality currently doesn't exist in TitleInputWidget, but it could be added or a new class that does this could be made (e.g. FileInputWidget).

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And also, in most production cases, this is more complex than you might expect. A title search will only search the local wiki for file description pages, it won't account for foreign file repositories (e.g. commons). Those count as known titles on local (e.g. non-commons) wikis, but they don't count as existing (see T72123 which has a core blocker).
I think it also wouldn't pick up cases where a file exists with no description page.

Seeing as TitleInputWidget would restrict inputs to only ones it recognises, I think we need to do it properly (like the media search dialog).

@Jdforrester-WMF, this is not strictly blocked by that, we handle the problem in the media dialog for files by searching each configured file repository.

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Took me a little while to understand the request. Updating description and title.

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