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-cleanup option in
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Description have two almost simialr options

-force removes non-existing or not matching link without asking for each page
-cleanup removes only non-existing links

when working with -whenneeded, -force removes dead links everywhere since -cleanup only in pages matched by -whenneeded (current language + biggest language, + languages with more than XX changes when -whenneeded:XX).

but with combination -autonomous mode with -wiktionary:

  1. -wiktionary -cleanup -autonomous removes only dead links
  2. -wiktionary -force -autonomous removes dead and non-matching links (en:Foo vs. es:Bar, en:A vs. de:a)
  3. -wiktionary -force the same result as 2)
  4. -wiktionary -cleanup the same result as 2), but should be the same as 1)

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