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[User] Mobile search should be optimized for typos
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Mobile users often misspell queries. Search should provide good results even when the query isn't completely coherent. For example, if I search for "ketup@", search suggestion knows I mean ketchup but doesn't search doesn't return any results. The above example was worked from the Android app which may require client side improvements[0], but this card is to think about optimizing for fumbling fingers.

[0] Mobile web seems to work fine:

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Hi @Niedzielski. Please associate at least one project with this task, otherwise nobody can find this task when searching in the corresponding project(s). I'm making an uneducated guess here by adding Mobile-Apps; feel free to correct. Thanks. :)

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@Aklapper, fixed. Sorry about that. I get so used to using Android template that I forget to add projects when filing elsewhere.

@Niedzielski: What is the relation of this task to Wikimedia-Developer-Summit-2016? Is this a talk proposal?

Sorry, @Aklapper. This is supposed to be one of several tasks for T113540 which is marked as Wikimedia-Developer-Summit-2016. Should I use a different label?

If this task itself is not an "activity" that will happen at the Summit itself it shouldn't be part of that project :)
Removed and tentatively added "Discovery" - feel free to correct.