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Course Creator should remove leading and trailing whitespace from course title, term, and school
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With the Course Creator tool, users input basic information about their course and then click 'create my course'. The system uses the 'title', 'term', and 'school' to form the url slug for the course. If a user includes leading or trailing whitespace in one of these fields, then the resulting url slug will have multiple underscores in a row, which is a little confusing. Such cases also cause compatibility problems with templates that link from Wikipedia to the course page, since Wikipedia templates may strip out the extra whitespace in the url.

(Related issues on github: )

For anyone taking this on as an Outreachy microtask, just ask if you would like any help getting started.

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Hello! Is anyone doing this task for Outreachy?

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I poking around at this, I realized that it was probably a little too complex to be a good microtask, because I didn't know exactly how to fix it.

Meanwhile I found a fix.

@Kenua, if you are still interested in a microtask for the dashbooard, let me know. I can easily come up with a few others that are similar to the two i18n tasks that are left.

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Kenua added a comment.Oct 17 2015, 7:06 PM

@Ragesoss, I'm still interested.

And, just for curiosity, how has this problem been resolved?

@Kenua Here's the patch I did for it:

The tricky part was figuring out where in the data flow to make that change. That same React component, CourseCreator, is actually a nice microtask for replacing hardcoded strings with locale strings. I'll create a task right now.