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Cannot scroll up to top of page when replying in Chrome and when window width >1150px
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  1. Google Chrome 43; browser window width > 1150px
  2. Be logged in and go to
  3. Scroll down to the second or third thread.
  4. In the line "Reply ⸱ Thank" lines, click "Reply"
  5. In the "Reply" text field, enter some random letters
  6. Press PageDown twice on your keyboard
  7. Press PageUp a few times on your keyboard

Expected results:
Can go to the top of the page

Actual results:
Can only scroll up to the Reply text field. Always reproducible. No browser add-ons/extensions etc installed.

In Chrome I can go to the top of the page after reducing the browser window width to < 1150px.
Cannot reproduce in Firefox because PageDown does not have any effect when the focus is still in the Reply text field - behavior is different in Chrome.

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I reproduced this, and best I can tell it appears to be a very strange browser bug. I'll investigate more later.

This is probably one of the most bizarre browser bugs I've ever seen. Amazingly, someone else already filed it four days ago:

This is a bug in Chrome, but Trevor gave me an idea for a workaround. We currently apply padding-bottom: 99999999px; margin-bottom: -99999999px; to the side rail div to make it be as tall as the entire page, but that's a dirty hack and it's part of what triggers the browser bug. Instead, we could employ different tricks, like making the background of the parent gray and then making the board's background white again, or using a table layout.