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Next Phabricator Upgrade 2015-11-18
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MediaWiki / Phabricator / Maintenance

Event: {E77} Wednesday @ Midnight UTC

Tasks solved upstream but still not deployed on should add this task as blocker. When there are significant / important blockers, @mmodell will pull from upstream and deploy during the soonest available deployment window.

Other Deployments:

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Note that the phabricator update is now scheduled based on demand: If you want the update to happen sooner, be sure to add blockers to this task and make a comment here requesting an update. I will prioritize updates based on demand and the severity of the blockers.

Be sure to add your blockers and ideally talk to me (here or on IRC) so that I have time to prepare the update. I need to plan an update before Tuesday in order to be prepared for the Wednesday deployment window.

Luke081515 renamed this task from Next Phabricator Upgrade to Next Phabricator Upgrade 2015-11-18.Feb 13 2016, 5:31 PM