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Create collaborative meeting agenda for Collab meeting in Sweden
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Please note that one topic for discussion suggested is T111965: Facilitate a deeper discussion about tech tools that support WIKI-EDU work. Let's make sure to add that to the agenda. :)

Members of the WEP data collection campaign task force -- @Esh77 and @dungodung and @AKoval_WMF -- see T114069: WEP global data collection campaign committee -- would like to suggest a new topic for the meetup in Sweden: the Collab previews the results and findings of the global historical data collection campaign and provides feedback about the on-wiki presentation of the data.

@Paolaricaurte suggests two additional topics for discussion:

  • Wiki*edia in context: how the education program and the collab should address cultural differences and various gaps (gender gap, infrastructure gap, education gap)
  • The future of the education program and the collab: what should be the goals and strategies (short and long term), dynamics of collaboration, networks, support, different actors and initiatives involved (local education programs vs collab), etc. I think we also should work on the pitfalls that we identified together at Anna’s panel.

Here are my ideas for the discussion :

  • Where do we want the education collaborative and Wikipedia to be in 10 years from now?
  • Creating offline Wikipedia for schools and Universities for students with no internet access : Challenges and Hindsights
  • Global showcase of ongoing Wikipedia projects related to education
  • Documenting for the education collaborative : Best practices

Here are some ideas:

  • We have all shown we can manage a school program with some classrooms and teachers but, how can we scale it? Which is the limit of grad students editing at a time as newbies in midsize community wikipedias? (eg: Swedish) How can volunteers assume big amount of tasks in a short period of time (assignments dead lines, eg)
  • How can we standardize the whole project? Simplifying it to the maximum so any teacher can use it without need of assistance of wikimedia orgs?
  • How do you deal with multilingualism in classrooms? Challenges or oportunities?
  • Promoting educational projects using Wikipedia but not related with editing. Are we interested in?
  • Find easy ways to evaluate these kind of projects. Now evaluations are very time consuming.

These are great suggestions, indeed! Thanks for participating in the discussion, everyone!

Here are my thoughts for the agenda:

  • Marketing strategy to align with Sustainable Development Goals of UN that combine global citizenship and ICT education.
  • Internationalized and localized content of the outreach standard operation process / best practice showcase.

The agenda was created and shared with the members. Marking this task resolved!

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