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Regression: As a user, the references popup should dismiss when I interact with the content, so that I can get back to the content easily.
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Repro steps

  1. Go to an article
  2. Tap on a reference
  3. Scroll down by N (30?) points

Expected results

References panel should dismiss (see app store version)

Actual results

Nothing happens

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@Fjalapeno I'm trying to drag the task from Ready for Development column to Doing column but I failed. Could you teach how? Thanks.

@huayu0723 hmm that's weird, it should just drag - are you getting an error? If so can you send a screenshot? In the mean time I can drag it over for you.

@Fjalapeno I know where I did wrong - Instead of dragging the whole task area, I dragged only the hyperlink section:( Thanks.

To test:

  1. Open any article
  2. Tap on a reference to show the reference panel
  3. Scroll the web view
  4. Verify the reference panel dismisses

Testing on Wikipedia app 5.0.5 (884) on iOS 9.3.2 iPhone. This is fixed as reference panel dismisses upon scrolling an article.