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can't remove users from cohort in Iceweasel (aka Firefox, works fine in Chromium)
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I just made a cohort for the first time.

can't remove users from the cohort in Iceweasel (aka Firefox, works fine in Chromium)

using Iceweasel/41.0.1

JS error:

ReferenceError: event is not defined cohortMembership.js:63:1

cohortMembership.js:62-64 are:

deleteWikiuser: function (wikiuser) {
    if (site.confirmDanger(event, true)){

in Chromium there's a confirmation popup prompt, in Iceweasel no prompt.

I first saw this with an "invalid" user but later reproduced it with a variety of users. deletes were successful (and persistent) with Chromium.

The code is in the analytics/wikimetrics Wikimedia Git repository.

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Please jump in #wikimedia-analytics on irc for help

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@Aklapper, can this be fast-forwarded to Google-Code-in-2017?

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Declining because Wikimetrics is being discontinued. See: T211835.