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From the meeting notes (not yet created, will be there):

Terry: Figure out action items for Phabricator improvements, and see to fund them

related to project management

  • see TPG's work (will link later...)

related to release management / RelEng needs

related to HA

  • ...


  • ...

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  • Make assessment of high priority missing features of Phabricator
    • related to HA
    • related to project management
    • related to release management
    • other

side thought: This action item came up during our discussion of Phabricator, but there is also the question of: Is Phabricator the most important thing we need organizational help moving forward?

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Some PM ones, just link aggregating right now:

From mukunda: is the upstream roadmap with stuff that can be prioritized

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This stuff is better tracked in other tasks already.