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Translate Instructor Basics: How to Use Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool into Armenian
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Translating 1500 words/person of the "Instructor Basics" brochure into Armenian. The translation is done by 2 users: Lilitik22 and David Saroyan. We have already translated half of the brochure.

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I hope I did everything right :)

Շնորհակալություն @Lilitik22 jan and @DavidSaroyan jan. <3

Please post your translated text here:

First, click the tiny link at the top of the page in the center below the title. That should link you here:

Then change the language from English to Armenian. That should link you here:

Then copy and paste the translated messages.

You do not need to do this all at once. You can do this a little at a time.

If you get stuck, there are several people who can help! :)

@Paolaricaurte and @Roxana just finished translating two booklets into Spanish. @Shangkuanlc has completed booklet translation into Chinese. @Base is a translation admin on Outreach wiki.

Thank you both again for translating Education Program materials into Armenian language. I can't wait to see the cover in Armenian script! :)

@Lilitik22 and @DavidSaroyan How is this task going? Any updates? I hope it's all going well!

Dear @FloorKoudijs, we are working on it, we are almost done. Sorry the task delay. At this moment we are busy with the organization of our winter camp. On January we'll finish the translation of the booklet.

Thanks for the update, @Lilitik22. Wish you best of luck with the winter WikiCamp and the booklet translation! :)

@Lilitik22: Hi! Is this task still valid and should still be open? If yes, are you still working (or still plan to work) on this task? (If you do not plan to work on this task anymore, please remove yourself as assignee (via Add Action...Assign / Claim in the dropdown menu) so in theory others could work on it.) Thanks!

@Aklapper Hi! The Education Collab was disbanded in 2017. There is now a User Group which is still deciding how they want to organize collaborative work. In the meantime, it's probably best to close the tasks that were assigned to collab members with the Education-Collab tag.


Thanks for the explanation, @NSaad!