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Search by page size
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Author: matthew.britton

It would be useful to be able to restrict a search by page size, and/or search
for all pages between a certain minimum and maximum size. The page size is shown
in the search results already, so it is presumably accessible by the search engine.

Searching by number of words (also shown in the results) would be nice too; this
is less useful for maintenance purposes, but more intuitive for readers.

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Severity: enhancement



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matthew.britton wrote:

I note with interest that this functionality has been added to (of all things) the list of protected pages - which suggests at least that it is possible, which is nice. There are certainly many more situations than that where a search by page size would be useful.

Mass close WONTFIX open Lucene Search issues because extension Lucene Search was removed, and replaced by MWSearch. Please set to REOPENED if behaviour still exists with a another component, and update the domain.

Mass REOPEN after discussion with Robert. Domain: Wikimedia/lucene-search-2. Assigned to maintainer.

matthew.britton wrote:

changing component to MWSearch extension

demon added a comment.Oct 29 2013, 2:02 AM

This won't be done in MWSearch as it has reached its end of life and will not be improved further.

However, this is a good feature suggestion so repurposing to a Cirrus bug.

We might want to think about faceting with this as well. Faceting on article size could be neat.

T23139 is in fact not a duplicate since it is for sorting the results, not filtering them.

For filters by page size and number of words, we could either do with search filers "maxpagesize:", "minpagesize" and so, or make do with the sorting of T23139, if this is enough for the projected uses.

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