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Identify PHP and MediaWiki version compatibility of extension
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Currently there's no information on which version of MediaWiki and PHP Extension:SmiteSpam supports. Should figure this out and edit the wiki page to reflect this.

NOTE: This was initially proposed as a GCI task, but the proposal was later withdrawn.

Additional details for Google-Code-In-2015

Mentor: @polybuildr

If you can test the extension on PHP 5.3.3 and MediaWiki 1.23 and it works, then we're done here. I don't intend to support any versions older than those. However, at least one user mentioned that the extension does not work on these versions.

I can confirm that it works on PHP 5.5.9 and git master.

The most direct way would be to run the extension on PHP 5.3.3 and MW 1.23 and see what exactly fails. After we know what the issue is, we can figure out from what version the failing PHP feature or failing MW feature was available.

Other options include:

  • Run an automated checker, such as the PHP_CodeSniffer standard from
  • Read the release notes for MW versions, or find a list of common issues encountered on upgrading (such as PHP's array() vs [] syntax) - both for PHP and for MW and then look for those issues in the code

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I'm going to propose and mentor this task for Google-Code-In-2015.

@polybuildr: Could you edit the task description to define which approach and which provided outcome you would like to see from a contributor in order to call this task "resolved"? Thanks!

@Aklapper, done. I hope that's satisfactory?

This task is rather vague and it's probably a good idea to not propose this for GCI.