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Improve inline data editing with textual dialects
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Author: xmlizer

The idea is to provide a way to store inside wikipedia the *source* of the
information and not just as it is the case now an extraction/serialisation :
The source is about images, schemas, diagrames, music, etc.

We already have some useful extension, but I want those extension being under
the umbrella of this bug

What is clearly missing today is :

  • Editing of SVG inside commons (through special tools or directly in text/XML)
  • Editing of Midi/LilyPond inside commons (through special tools or directly in


  • giving XML data sheet and an XSLT stylesheet to create SVG or MathML or

anything : the XML data sheet could be easily edited by contributors (It's clear
that templates allow part of this, but in this case SVG and Midi/LilyPond must
become first class citizen of wikimedia) and the XSLT part should be editable as

What's the goal :

  • data source would be stored on wikimedia and everybody could update it
  • some transformation could be done directly in the browser (with AJAX or

anything else)

  • we could create new kind of data depending on other datas
  • allow more user to update/reuse/enhance graphical and musical datas

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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relatividadgeneral wrote:

Good morning. The basic thing is that a music edition feature in wikiarticles (including wikipedia, wikiversity and "wikiversidad") is needed. Many people have asked for it but no answeres are receieved in help pages. I wish this feature be enabled to start a course on music in wikiversdad, but it just don't work in the way that i found in I encourage the use of lilypond as a language to create scores, with all its funcionality. It is necessary to listen to the music that is written via a "button" that allow the user to start the playing of what is written; another essential thing is that this "listening" capability can be opened in a new window in order to allow the pupil to listen to the music and to read the music simultaneously.
In other hand, i wish it could be in the way that all wikis works; for example, we don't need to install anything additional to begin to write an article, we just click on the "edit" button and everything works fine...we want music to be edited that simply way. Remember we're not programmers, we're just musicians, and we want to worry about the music, not to begin a course on programming languages or algorithms to create a music course.
Please, excuse me for my english; maybe this appeared a little "tough", but i'm not good speaking english. I just want to tell that i tried to be as kind as possible with my short knowledge of this language. Thank you very much.

ProfeJuanca wrote:

Lilypond it`s law

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