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power off Codfw-Cisco Servers
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I discuss this with Andrew and Rob once I am back in Dallas I will have to power off all the Cisco servers since there are not in used now. I will keep them racked and wired for now until we decide what we will do with those servers.

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Also please boot each and ensure the disks were wiped. If not, please wipe the disks. (Wipe in software, not the degausser.)

@RobH Do we have a particular wipe disk software that we use?

So the two options I've used in the past are:

  • Take an Ubuntu or Debian live USB/Disc and boot off it, then run wipe from the command line against each individual disk.
  • Take a dban ( usb boot and wipe all the disks individually.

Both require that you break the raid arrays up and have each disk individually presented for the zero/wipe.

Both require that you write a minimum of 3 passes (but why not go DoD grade and do 8, they can sit for a week doing their wipe for all we care.) of 0s across all disks.

Change 247480 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Removed mgmt DNS for virt20[0-1][1-9], pc200[1-3], labsdb200[1-3] and WMF5709

pc200X is not in use, and pending to be replaced. I didn't even know labsdb200X existed.

Change 247480 merged by Dzahn:
Removed mgmt DNS for virt20[0-1][1-9], pc200[1-3], labsdb200[1-3] and WMF5709

12:19 < mutante> papaul: are all the cisco servers shut down?
12:20 < papaul> no
12:20 < papaul> there are stay up
12:20 < papaul> doing the wipe
12:20 < mutante> but you dont need mgmt to do that?
12:20 < papaul> no
12:20 < papaul> i don't
12:20 < mutante> alright,ok

Wipe complete on all the Cisco servers in C1, There are power off and disconnected from mgmt, production switches and PUD's

All Cisco servers are power off and disconnect from network and power. I will pull them out from C1 and C5 to stock them in the cage close to D8. It will make it easy for me when there are not in the rack to rack, new servers.

I am also removing them from racktables and putting them in the decommission rack D4

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This is complete. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Is this supposed to still be open?