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As a user, I should be able to resume reading an article at my last position, regardless of orientation, so that I can have an uninterrupted reading experience.
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Bit of an edge case, but ideally the user can resume reading the article in any orientation.

Repro steps

  1. Navigate to an article
  2. Scroll down (i.e. read it!)
  3. Leave the article (go back to Home or something)
  4. Rotate the device
  5. Reload the article in a way that restores the last read position (e.g. saved)

Expected results

Article scrolls to my last position

Actual results

It scrolls to the previous literal offset, which is no longer accurate since the article is rendered in a different orientation:

Saved offset in portrait

pasted_file (1×750 px, 267 KB)

Restored offset in landscape

pasted_file (750×1 px, 246 KB)

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@JMinor this will be way to big for a bug release (or at least 5.0.1)

@Fjalapeno yeah, at some point I started punting almost everything into 5.0.1. If you run across tasks that are too big or major feature changes, feel free to retag to 5.1 or ping me and I will.

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It should have been fixed in the latest dev version

Hi @huayu0723, my name is @JMinor, and I'm the product owner for the Wikipedia iOS app.

First, thanks so much for helping!! We're really glad to have you pitching in, and I appreciate your helping with bugs particularly!

You seem to have found your way around the board pretty well. But, just a bit of info:

  • we used a "kanban" style board for each release version where cards move left to right to represent their current state.
  • we resolve a card when it reaches the end of the board and will be part of the release to the store. This allows us to make sure code review, QA, design review and release sign-off are all included in a change shipping to users.

So, just move the card to Doing when you start work, and move it Needs Code Review when you submit the GitHub PR. If its ever unclear, or you become blocked on some other card, please comment on the card and drag it left to Blocked or Waiting.

Hi @JMinor , thank you for your clarity and sorry for the mess. It's clear for me now.

We recently transitioned to WKWebView, so this is no longer required, as it seems to work free "out of the box".

Thanks for picking this up, though.