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Cannot mark one specific Maniphest task blocked by another specific task
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@Qgil, when I click the "Save Blocked By Tasks" button while trying to make this task a blocking task inside of T111588 and T111588 (i.e., after I have clicked the "Select" button), on both of those pages it just sits there with a tinted UI. Are you able to use your Phabricator super powers to make T114542 block each of T111588 and T111588?
I did manage to make it a task blocking 1723663 without getting stuck on the tinted screen.

I can reproduce this problem:

  1. Go to T111588
  2. Click "Edit 'Blocked By' tasks"
  3. Select T111588
  4. The dialog disappears leaving a tinted screen. No error message. No task blocked by.

@dr0ptp4kt, please edit the description to fix two mistakes that limit the possibility to test this problem: "T111588 and T111588" and "1723663". Thank you!

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Unfortunately closing this report as no further information has been provided.

@dr0ptp4kt: Please reopen this report (by changing its status) after you have provided the information asked for and if this still happens. Thanks!