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ext.wikimediaEvents throws JS exception on mobile
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Error: Unknown dependency: jquery.jStorage Error: Unknown dependency: jquery.jStorage(…)
It's using jQuery.jStorage this is not available on mobile and we have no plans to support it. Use the standard instead.

Not sure what's adding this to mobile but am seeing it on every page

I have no idea if it's breaking anything but it's highly possible.

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I'm guessing this might have something to do with the Discovery team and only impact a sample of users?

This is probably related to I wasn't aware that was actually running on mobile web.

That's probably not Schema:Search, because that one isn't using jStorage. It's more likely to be Schema:TestSearchSatisfaction. That brings in jStorage for the sample of users opted into the tests. Due to the way ext.wikimediaEvents is setup I'm not sure how to get things loaded only for the desktop site without adding a new non-mobile wikimediaEvents and waiting 30 days for cache's to clear.

I'll poke some people and see if they have any ideas.

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Actually, this has been happening for quite a while. It's not a super-pressing issue, but it is something that needs fixing because spamming logs is bad. We plan to look at this in the next few days.

to clarify, T116319 is removing the dependency on jquery.jStorage which is causing this error, along with putting in an early exit for the mobile site.