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Namespace prefix "all:" "All:" and "All: " all behave differently
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Not only do the namespace prefixes "all:" "All:" and "All: " all behave differently,
but they also differ from the setting of at Special:Search Advanced "All"

  1. Search for the two words `phenomenal inhouse' on Wikipedia.
  2. On the search results page, set Advanced to All namespaces, and press Search. You get six hits, in five different namespaces.
  3. In the search box insert "all:" with or without a space. You lose the two from the File namespace.
  4. Now try "All: " with capital "A" and a space. You lose article space.
  5. Now try "All:" with no space. You lose your query.

Should this be documented, or is it unintended?

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A namespace in the search box overrides the search bar's Advanced namespace selection.

The (2) happened because it searched inside the pdf files. Either the "Everything" (on the search bar, under the search box) or the "All"-namespaces-selected (in the Advanced namespaces selection) will say "(matches file content)".

And (3) happened because it didn't search inside the pdf.

The search namespace "all:" must be lowercase. All the other search parameter namespaces, except "all" can start with an initial capital letter. The of them can end with a space or not.

The (4) happened because "All: " in the namespace just a word, and the disappearing document did not have that word.

The (5) happened because "All:phenomenal" matched nothing in my default search domain. What it would have matched is allWord, or allXword, where X is any non-alphanumeric string.

Thanks for this venue. I'm documenting the results for Wikipedia:Help:Searching and CirrusSearch.

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