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Measure edit intent → edit interaction and edit interaction → edit end
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Measure the time elapsed from the user indicating an intent to edit (e.g., by clicking on the edit tab or on a section edit link) to the first edit interaction (e.g., keypress in edit textarea, VE toolbar click, etc.).

See also:
T115598: Track count of task abandonment / completion in MediaWiki

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For the record, this should be relatively easy to implement in VisualEditor nowadays given the timing data we have from

  • "init"
  • "ready"
  • "saveIntent"
  • "saveAttempt"
  • "saveSuccess"
  • "saveFailure"
  • "abort"

Aside from sending to EventLogging, VE also sends time from init to ready to Graphite which is shown on

VE could do another such timing for ready to saveSuccess (or some other combination). Given the existence of this data in the Edit schema, I suspect you might already be periodically computing this kind of insights, but if not, this would enable you to measure the typical total time spent for an edit by a user. Which, albeit being widely distributed, should still provide useful insights over the long term (e.g. improvements to load times or save times should notably reduce the lower percentiles and median, and UX improvements may prove to significantly improve total time as well.)