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Link to a subclass list from each entity
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As an editor, I want to find a list of existing subclasses for a major entity, so that I can properly classify an instance.

E.g. I found via and I wanted to tag it as a specific type of novel.
I guessed at "Crime novel", but a link to would have helped me a lot.

A link to in the toolbox of entity pages, might be helpful for everyone.

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Maybe we can integrate that in the easyquery gadget?

In order to integrate with EasyQuery, first it's better to have it in WDQS.

I found two options:

I'm not an expert in wdqs so if there is a way to show subclasses recursively in tree-like method. Please correct me.

Blazegraph has some tree traversal methods maybe they are helpful:


Here is an example:

I built this based on your example. It's good but super big.

@Ladsgroup you could lower gas:maxIterations or add additional constraints