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investigate current options for "Phabricator boards should prompt user refresh when a board has been changed"
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T112765 is currently blocking some updating feature that may solve the UX problem.


  • What is the user experience if this is properly setup? Will it satisfy our needs?
  • Can we get ops to work on the related task?

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My only hesitation here is that I don't know if the notification feature works with all phabricator pages or if it's limited to maniphest task pages. I believe it works with workboards but I'm not 100% sure of that. I'd need to coordinate a test with someone on the upstream phab instance or ask in their IRC channel to be sure.

<@epriestley> twentyafterfour: we don't issue a "card moved" notification right now. is roughly the tracking task. If interest hasn't waned I think we can get that in as part of which I'm hoping to make it through before the end of the year.

Scheduled a chat for Friday @ 9 between Ops and Security.

Marking as Resolved for "investigate" part of this task. Will create a followup task, as needed.