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JavaScript crash: mw.searchSuggest is undefined in module ext.wikimediaEvents
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Please see bug trace.

rEWMV/modules/ext.wikimediaEvents.searchSuggest.js seems to be involved.

There has been no deployment yesterday, but events are triggered by a 1/1000 ratio and might have been sleeping a couple of weeks now.

The reporting user has a very slow network connection, which may make her loosing a race condition, while others got the module in place.

Watched 2015-10-16 11:07+0200.

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Ah, we had the same story with T114081 already, more than two weeks ago.

I presumed this has been fixed meanwhile, but it just changed character position? Or different effect, same cause?

This appears to be a duplicate of T114081. If this were happening really regularly, we should've noticed because we collect thousands of events a day and it would've shown up in our logs.