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Feature request: filter task's bot CCs to the end of the ellipsis
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The "Subscribers" attribute in the task view lists a short number of CCs, then drifts off into e.g. "7 others", so let's make sure that this valuable space counts. Write a mechanism that will weight bot and other unimportant names to the bottom of the list.

For example, admins might want to add the boogmasters' names and anyone else CC'd on every bug to this configuration variable, so more direct coworkers or unusual collaborators are highlighted.

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Specific examples? I presume you mostly mean just gerritbot, right? And Aklapper, too, I suppose :)

(Gerritbot will disappear after migration to Differential, which is nice.)

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After the 2019 Week 12 release, bots no longer automatically subscribe themselves to objects as a side effect of interaction (see T137508), or when they are @mentioned. They can still subscribe themselves explicitly, or be added as an explicit subscriber by a user using "Change Subscribers" or editing the "Subscribers" field.

The behavior of the "Subscribers" UI has not changed, but, going forward, bots should be subscribers far less often, which may reduce the importance of this change.

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Aklapper closed this task as Declined.Jul 4 2019, 1:53 AM

T137508 made bots not subscribe. So what's proposed here will not get implemented. Hence declining this task.

We do have a bunch of tasks left which have bot accounts subscribed. Anyone is free to remove these bot subscribers from those tasks.