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Feature request: Direct access to the history page containing the listing corresponding to a past revision
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Author: itai_y_beerli

When i inspect a past revision, i'd like to have direct access to the history
page containing the listing corresponding to the revision i'm inspecting.
Currently, when i click on the "History" tab, the most recent history page is
presented. I'd like instead that the history page presented be a history page
with the listing corresponding to the revision i've been just inspecting in the

Why would this feature be useful?

Sometimes i start inspecting some past revision and then i track the gradual
changes to the article by navigating to ever newer revisions by clicking on the
"Newer revision ->" link. After many such clicks, i usually like to see an
overview of the context of the revision i've come to, i.e. the history page
containing its listing. Currently i need to remember the date of the revision
i'm looking at, click several times on my browser's "Back" button until i return
to the history listing, then inspect the history listing to see whether the
revision i'm interested in appears in this page, and then possibly navigate to
the newer history page. Alternatively, i can begin by clicking on the "History"
tab, and start navigating to ever older history pages until i reach the page
listing the revision i'm interested in.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement



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itai_y_beerli wrote:

When accessing the history from a revision, the listing corresponding to the
revision should stand out relative to the other revisions, so it can be quickly
and easily identified.

This would probably not be very hard to implement.


  • Look up the timestamp of the revision
  • grab N items before/after it to get an appropriate timestamp offset that'll

center it nicely in a context

  • show history list from that offset

Perhaps tossing in a highlight-this-revision parameter might be cute too, yes.

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