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Translate Instructor Basics brochure in Ukrainian
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If it remains up-to-date

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I'm pleased that WMUA is localising another of the informational booklets. And I'm pleased that you are translating it. Your work on the Ukrainian Editing Wikipedia booklet was wonderful. (1) (2)

There isn't yet a link for українська but I presume there will be once you complete your first translation.

Given how much translation is happening now in the Collab, I wonder if it might be good if some of those working on these types of tasks could also review the Localization guidelines for the Bookshelf Project on Outreach Wiki. Are these instructions adequate for our translators?

There are also Localization guidelines specifically for the Editing Wikipedia booklet, but not the other booklets for some reason unknown to me. Should there be?

Also those pages aren't categorized... :\ (Pinging @Base)

One task always leads to another! :) And there's never any shortage of ways to help on our wikis. :) Which is why I'm so happy that you're getting involved with this work again, Vira. We need you. <3

Super excited to see more brochures being translated into Ukrainian. Thank you, @Ata :)