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Translate Evaluating Wikipedia in Traditional Chinese
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Follow the T115299 case, I am updating the translated text on outreach into the InDesign Files.

As T115299#1732544 message an example, I will also leave replacement of fonts below:

  1. Replace the News Gothic series with sans serif font family, Kozuka Gothic Pro
    1. News Gothic BT -> Kozuka Gothic Pro B
    2. News Gothic BT Bold -> Kozuka Gothic Pro H
    3. News Gothic BT Demi -> Kozuka Gothic Pro M
    4. News Gothic BT Light -> Kozuka Gothic Pro R
  2. Replace the Plantin family with serif font family, Hiragano Mincho ProN
    1. Plantin -> Hiragano Mincho ProN W 6
    2. Plantin Light -> Hiragano Mincho ProN W 3
    3. Plantin MT Std & Plantin MT Std Bold-> Hiragino Mincho Pro W 3
    4. Plantin MT Std Regular -> Hiragino Mincho Pro W 3
    5. Plantin MT Std Bold -> Arial Regular
    6. Plantin MT Std Seimibold -> Arial Regular
  3. Wingdings (TT) -> Windings Regular

Editing PDF complete, please refer here. Now there is a Traditional Chinese file!

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Okay, so that didn't work. :( I was trying to resolve this task for you, @Shangkuanlc, but somehow Phabricator decided to assign it to me in that process - I didn't ask it to do that and want the task to still show you as the task master, because you did all the work! I tried to un-do what I did, but the only thing I managed to do was to remove the comment where I said the following:
"Thank you so much for taking care of this task, Liang! It looks like this task can be resolved, so I'll mark it as such. Feel free to re-open it if there are pieces of the work still missing."

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That's OK, @FloorKoudijs, thank you. I have just made it to the closed (resolved) case successfully! :)

Maybe there is another thing can be done with this task, add the pdf file to the book shelf? Maybe @AKoval_WMF can help this out?