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Assign autopatrol to usergroup bot
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Would it be possible to assign the autopatrol to the bots too? Atm the
autopatrol has been activated for sysops. I think it makes sense to autopatrol
bots too, as they dont appear in the log etc, but they do on newarticles. Bots
are as well some kind of trusted users, we trust that what they do is OK, so
patrolling is not needed I guess. (Otherwise they shouldn't be bot) Thanks.

please do this for all projects with autopatrol, but I am asking this
specifically for wikibooks NL. But well, it makes imho sense to make this
general :)

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Severity: enhancement



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ayg wrote:

This makes sense to me as a software change. What do others think?

ayg wrote:

This doesn't need shell if it's enabled as a software change. The bot flag is
meant to prevent bots' edits from having to be reviewed, more or less, on the
assumption that they're probably trivial and all basically the same. It makes
sense to extend that from RC to also apply to edit-patrolling. Obviously some
bots' edits should be reviewed, but those shouldn't have the bot flag to start with.

Sensible. I've added it to the defaults in r21623